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Login not accessible -> Error: "Module is not a valid module name"


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Hi Prestashop Developpers

We have a serious problem concerning the access to our PS Backend:

After entering the Login-Admin-URL the dialog doesn't show up at all and the following error on a white screen appears:


Module is not a valid module name

I read the thread concerning wrong characters in modul names and the appropriate instructions on Github
But since we use Prestashop I saw that the edits already have been integrated.

What worries me is, that this errors appears directly on the Admin Login URL, I have no chance to get into the backend.

I didn't made any change to the backend and I'm completely stucked with that problem!

We are in the middle of Christmas Sale and thats a worst case scenario for us.

So if anybody could give me a hint I would be very very grateful!
I will try a paied support as next, of course.

Thanks and regards


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Now, the Backend is accessible again. It's good but regretfully I have no idea how it happened. 

The only thing I did has nothing to do with this issue (I believe). I overwrite the ajax-cart.js file in the cart module with the standard version of Prestashop

Would be nice to hear, if the issue also disappeared like that in your case?

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