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Google Checkout and Order History


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So I'm new to the prestashop community but I've been stumbling through my problems with the support of previous posts. I have now run into a problem I can't find an answer for. I'm currently using Google Checkout module and I've got everything working up until it returns me back to order history. The history is not displaying the correct totals. i.e. Order #000003 Total Paid is $100.08. That value is only the total of the product + tax. Under details it lists the unit price as the product + tax rather than unit price (i.e. product is $3.75 without tax but it displays $4.00 which is the unit price +tax). It also does not show shipping charges which are displayed during the checkout process via the UPS Shipping module as well as Google checkout. I've been digging through the code and I can't find what it is I am looking for.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Below I have posted 2 pics of the order history. The first what it currently is and the 2nd a photoshopped version of what I want it to be to help illustrate what I'm looking for.




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Just bumping the thread to see if anyone has an idea or at least a direction I can work towards. I can't find what I'm looking for in the coding of the Google checkout box that leads to creating the order history.


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