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Volusion to Prestashop Convert


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I'd love a little input, we swapped a well converting website from Volusion to Prestashop on Black Friday.  I'm totally new to PS and am constantly looking to improve this site through this forums.  TBH Sales have been down since we switched but I think a lot of that is par for the course when making such a big swap, only time will tell.  So any problems, suggestions, or changes you can point out would be greatly appreciated!



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Did you carry out a 301 redirection exercise and place these redirects in your .htaccess file?


If you did then the old urls for products on your site when accessed via google, would be redirected to the new product page on the site. Therefore you shouldn't lose your page rankings.


Site looks great by the way.


Just my tuppence worth.

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Your store design is good,well connected with social media.

404 errors and other functionalities manage properly.

I like your store.

PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]


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