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incorrect price display in combinations with quantity discount


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The calculated total price (after adding it to the cart) is correct, but the displayed product price on the product page is wrong.

Prestashop version 1.6.10 (dutch translation), clean install, default theme

To purchase an item, you have to make a choice, 1 of three different sizes (one attribute with three values), 2 of which affect the price.


Product cost: € 1 (ex VAT)

size1 = no influence on price.

size2 = -0.25 (standard)

size3 = -0.50

Catalog price rules apply so that quantity discounts can be given.

100 pieces = 5%

250 pieces = 10%

500 pieces = 25%

Etc ..


Now, if you want to buy 100 pieces of size1 or size3 (not the default) the displayed price is that of 100 pieces, size2 (the default) with the 5% quantity discount. This is only true for the displayed price. once you get the product to the cart it calculates the price correct

This looks like a bug in the price display.

Should this not be the case, how do I get the right price view?

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