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So in a bid to get a good organic seo and have a bit of an edge on my competition I went down the remove id URL module route.  BIG MISTAKE!   I wish I had done further research first and read through this forum. 


My organic seo placement at this time might as well be in the bin!  I have duplicate pages that google have picked up on, one with the id numbers and the clean ones without.  The supposed redirects didn't work correctly and I had lots of 404's.  I have now manually removed the URLs with ids from my google webmaster console.  Will this make any difference?   


What now.  Remove the url tidy module or stick with it?      


Any advice appreciated  



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No comments or suggestions?  


An update for what its worth.  I have since read it is not only the URL tidy modules that creates issues with google indexing by creating duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.  Prestashop also creates redirects to changed URLs, so changed/old URLs are not over written or deleted but redirected.  That is why google indexing picks up the duplicate title tags and meta descriptions from changed URLs.  Today I have manually removed another 192 pages with duplicate title tags and meta descriptions in google.  


The redirects are great for a mature site that already has its organic indexing placement but for a new site where you want to change and play around with keywords and product urls its potentially a nightmare.  


Is there anyway the old urls can be removed directly from prestashop files rather than have redirects from original pages or are we to be left with a website with potentially thousands of redirects? 



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How does your module address the duplicate Meta and Data tags that google will pick up?  This is a killer for organic Seo!  I personally wouldn't bother going down this route it takes months for google to remove any duplicate content and you will be punished for it in the results. 


That 5 Euro bargain could end up costing you a lot more.  I speak from the experience of holding the sh*t end of that stick.   :P

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