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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Add To Cart button tracking

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Dear all,


I am using Google Tag Manager (GTM) for facebook pixel tracking. I also have a module on Prestashop that push necessary information into dataLayer. The problem that I have is with event AddToCart. I cannot set a trigger in GTM so that a tracking tag is fired when a user click 'Add to Cart' button on a webpage.


The problem is that when clicking 'Add to Cart' on a product page, nothing is passed to gtm.elementId value. Please see attached file. However, when clicking on product thumbnail image or other buttons on a webpage, some data is passed to gtm variables.




In the attached image, Click 10 and 11 is from clicking on product image thumbnails. You can see there is a value for 'gtm.elementId'. But with click 12 and 13, which are from clicking on 'Add to Cart' button, 'gtm.elementId' has no value. Without a value, I cannot use a filter in GTM to setup a trigger.


How can I set the value for gtm.dlementId for 'Add to Cart' button?


Any advised is very much appreciated.


Thank you


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I figured out a solution! The problem is that the Add to Cart on a product page is coded as <span>Add to Cart</span>. When clicking, GTM cannot get any value. So I edit this to <span id="myID">Add to Cart</span>.


This way GTM will get the id information. Then you can filter the trigger.

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It can be anything like “btn_addtocart’. And then in google tag manager you condition variable that has this value when setting a trigger. Using UA number should be fine but I don’t think it is appropriate for this situation. 



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