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Running PrestaShop 1.7 on PHP 7 vs PHP 5.6, not big changes


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I have previously installed PrestaShop on PHP 5.6 and - same installation - later switched to PHP 7.0.14 on my server.


I had great expectations about, I believed I would notice a big change as far as shop speed.


As a result, I currently do not notice any big change running  PrestaShop on PHP 7.0.14 as comparing with PHP 5.6.


Have been doing something wrong?


Any help or tips about?



Thanks in advance

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I try to install Prestashop on my home computer with Zend Server 9 (i.e. Apache 2.4, PHP 7, etc,) but I got message

"Upgrade your APC extension (3.1.13+)."

But Zend server dont use APC, it use OPcache (and other cache posibilities) which is 1.8 faster.


What I have to do?

thanks Bru

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