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Duplicated products have the same name even though i change it


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Hey all
Ran into this annoying problem today.
When i duplicate a product, the name in the back office "overview" does not change..
So if i make a new product called "product 1", and then i duplicate it and call it "product 2". Then on the frontend it looks correct, but in backend, both products are now called "product 1"..


It's way to hard to keep track of my products, when they are all called the same thing :P


Here is an example of my products page: (notice how a lot of product names are the same)




Here is a random product page: (Notice the name i see in top, and the actual name of the product is different)




Anyone know what is causing this?

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You know when you have been struggeling with a problem for a while you almost give up, and then it just hits you..


yea, turns out it's because backend language for my user was set for english, but product names were in Danish. So it would only show the english title in product list, wich was not updated when editing the product name.. (because i was only editing the danish one)

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