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The first annoying is the pop up one second after visiting the page.

45% off just for signing up the newsletter?

Might give me the impression, I would always pay to much if you can afford this reduction.

Page load time is at the bottom end in may opinion (took appx. 6 to 7 seconds).


Start page design is ok, maybe a bit too much icons on the bottom right side.

Subcategorys seem not identical in category image height.

Choose same image sizes for all categories if possible.

Blog: I see XL-large images with text "no image available". One single blog entry or its inexistent image fills up more than the whole page.

Compared to the non-image image, the blog titles are almost invisible in terms of their size.



Overall: good work with some room for improvement.

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I see social media links missing on home page. Page loads time is around 5+ seconds.

The sentence below logo "The mobile phone accessories store" font size is very small not readable easily.

When changing slider I see same image and there are some design issues like some space require below word "NEW ARRIVALS" it is touching the image.


PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]


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