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Prestashop har släppts


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Hej Prestashop fans!


Prestashop har släppts och här är fixarna och förbättringarna:


Ändringar i version - stabil version


Fixed bugs:
CO: Fix pack price calc when using non-default attributes
CO: Fixed the default country every time the address form is submitted
CO: Update Mail::Send() doc comment
CO: Can't get original picture link if watermark is enable
CO: Harmonize wording tab.xml
CO: Harmonize wording cms.xml
CO: Update configuration.xml in SV

BO: Don't trim() the $_POST values if it's an array
BO: Fixed bug when prestashop xml md5 is not valid
BO: Display mcrypt extension warning fix 
BO: Fix admin email translations

FO: Removed sensor parameter from Google Maps JS API
FO: Fixed duplicated ID in pagination
FO: Remove pagination override in ManufacturersController
FO: Fixed bug when adding to cart from a page with different token
FO: Removed search param orderway duplication




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