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Issues with autofill in one of the order.tpl files? How to remove the autofill email for registered

Adria Laxson

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Once a customer has registered & doesn't place an order they cannot return to the site and enter the email credentials on the registered customer login while in the order screen. It shows blank & so they attempt to register again & get the error "already registered email." I'd like to take out the auto fill just for the already registered customers so they can place an order. I tried adding the blue below to the my themes order-opc-newaccount.tpl. I entered it in the Already Registered script but it didn't work.


               <form action="{$link->getPageLink('authentication', true, NULL, "back=order-opc")}" method="post" id="login_form" class="form_style" autocomplete="off" autofill="off">



How can I keep the email from autofilling on the order screen? Is it smarty code I need to remove? Thank you in advance.


Notes: PS

1 step order enabled


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