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I'm looking to export all my categories and products (with intact structures, price, products text etc.) from a 1.5 installation to either another 1.5 installation so I can update it to 1.6 with 1-click-update or straight to a new 1.6 installation. But I think the last one will cause problem and is not possible if you don't do the 1-click-update directly in the shop which I want to avoid.


The reason I want to avoid the 1-click-upgrade directly is that I'm pretty sure many things in my current theme will break in 1.6


I tred exporting all the tables in my 1.5 installation that has "category" or "product" name in it and import them in a new 1.5 installation but it did not go as expected. The products and categories are there in the new 1.5 installation but I'm missing things like product descriptions etc.


So I need to know what other tables that don't have the name product or category in it should I export to be able to achieve a full export of products and categories. I can reupload the product images in the new installation so that is not a problem.


Or maybe I can do a another approach which is importing almost all tables except the tables you know are specific for a PS installation and will mess up the new installation. I tried importing the live PS database directly but I could not login into admin after that so I think there are some tables that should be left alone.

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