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Category Cover Image - Where is the TMP img ?


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Hi everyone,


I have a problem with the "Category Cover Image" very strange ...


Step 1 : I have post an image on my category header and all is ok, the image appear correctly

Step 2 : I change the image by an other one, but only the first image appear, not the new image.

Step 3 : I delete the image and the image desapear of the page

Step 4 : I put an another image, but it is the first image that appear ...


How it's possible ?


I have search into the FTP img folder img/c/3-category_default.jpg and I found the 2nd and 3nd images but the first is not there ...

The url on the website is : http://mysite.com/c/3-category_default/femmes.jpg

Do you kown where is this TMP image ? 


So it's impossible to change the Category Cover Image because only the first image appear everytime.


Thank you for your help

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