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changing shop logo in emails


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due to the site design the store logo looks quite nasty in the email templates

what i want to do is use a different logo in the email templates

having a dig round looking for {shop_logo}

i think it is defined in classes/Mail.php

by the following code

$templateVars['{shop_logo}'] = (file_exists(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logo.jpg')) ? $message->attach(new Swift_Message_Image(new Swift_File(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logo.jpg'))) : '';

now which would be the better practice

just to supply a different file name and upload a new image so the code looks like this

$templateVars['{shop_logo}'] = (file_exists(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logoemail.jpg')) ? $message->attach(new Swift_Message_Image(new Swift_File(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logoemail.jpg'))) : '';

Or define a whole new varible, upload a new file and edit every mail template

as follows

$templateVars['{shop_logoemail}'] = (file_exists(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logoemail.jpg')) ? $message->attach(new Swift_Message_Image(new Swift_File(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'logoemail.jpg'))) : '';

The first option is quickest and easist but will it have any knock on effects anywhere else

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I think it would be better to leave the variable the same and just change the filename. That way, you only have to make one change and don't have to edit the mail templates.

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