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Advanced EU Compliance & Gift Wrapping

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Hi @all,


we are currently using your Prestashop module "Advanced EU Compiance" (v2.0.2) in almost all our Prestashop projects (version - So far it was working fine, but unfortunately when we enable the gift wrapping option in "Preferences->Orders", we are experiencing the problem that the gift wrapping costs are not being taken into account in the calculation of the final price of an order in step 5. 


It seems that the gift wrapping option is not being set within step 4 in the shopping cart after hitting the "Proceed to checkout" button. 


==> Therefore step five does not recognize the wrapping option and does not calculate the wrapping costs accordingly. 


When I go to back to step 4 from here the checkbox for gift wrapping is not activated.


I have not found any solution on the Internet yet and also did not find any source where someone experienced the same problem, but we have tried this on different prestashop instances and it seems it is a problem with the advancedeucompliance module itself, since the gift wrapping option works fine when we disable advancedeucompliance.


This is a basic prestashop implementation v1.6.1.9 with the advancedeucompliance module installed and gift wrapping option enabled where the error appears: http://toys.thomax-media.de/en/



Do you have any idea what the problem might be and do you know a fix for this issue? Do you also experience this kind of problem with your latest version of advancedeucompliance (v2.0.2) or did we miss anything on the modules setup or configuration?


Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.


With best regards from Osnabrück

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Hi murc134,


unfortunatelly we have the same problem with PS1.6.1 & Advanced EU Comlience module installed. Thank you for the good and deep analyse and a lot of information attached.

Apparently it is a bug in the module. Do you have addressed this issue over PrestaShop-Forge ? Did you found a solution / workaround for it? I really need it.


Thanks & regards,


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