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[Solved] Login redirect loop for backoffice (


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Hi there,

I've been having this issue after moving my Prestashop from one host to another. I couldn't log in to the backoffice even though the password was correct (if it wasnt, I'd get a different error). It simply refreshed the page but didn't get me in to the backoffice.

I've seen many people with this problem while Googling. I tried all solutions:
- Clear cache
- Clear cookies
- Change cookie settings in DB
- Try different browsers
- Create new admin user through DB
- Change admin password through DB
- etc. etc.

Nothing worked. However, changing the PHP version of my webhost solved it. I've never seen this suggestion in any other topic, so I figured it might help some people in the future struggling with this issue. I had this issue on Prestashop

My PHP version was at 7.0 for my other websites. Changing it to 'native' worked. 5.6 broke it again, 5.5 solved it again. Try changing your PHP settings to see if this makes any difference for you.

Good luck!


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