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Hej alla Prestashop fans.


Prestashop Stable har släppts.


Vad har fixats och vad äe nytt? Du kan läsa mer här.




Changelog in version - stable

- Back Office:
- Bug fix:
- #7070: Fixed bulk actions affecting single products
- #7058: Disable FK checks during DB export
- #7063: Fix related product removal
- #7008: Display preview button on 13 inches
- #6958: Fix email preview in translation page

- Front Office:
- Bug fix:
- #7027: Filtered embedded product properties
- #7043: Add download link for virtual products

- Core:
- Improvement:
- #7022: Allowed to add remote assets
- Bug fix:
- #7038: Send email in English if current language don't have email template
- #7026: Protect translations display against XSS injections
- #7033: Use the locale to fallback on the good one in CLDR Repository
- #6986: Fix sprintf condition
- #7054: Fix Cookie standalone mode




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