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Saved and edited product in


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I make the update for fix the save problem with chrome but in the problem is here... again, less frequently but here.

What can i do ? 

I search many solution but i don't see anything.

In the console the save don't only when post_data is full.

When it return :" " the page save modification

I use the chrome version: 49.0.2623.112 m and on an other pc: 54.0.2840.90 m


I'm lost i don't know what can i do 


thanks for the help

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I use VirtualProductCombination too,

I really think the module is not compatible with prestashop


i create a forge request for debbuging.



For me in the VirtualProductCombination override of postprocess in adminProductController.php, dev do a addJS->1610adminproduct for replace js/admin/products.js

And it not allowed to be asynchronous request.


It is a first approach to verify.
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