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prestashop TranslateCore Bug


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in prestashop version 1.6.x,when the admin translate key exit and the key value is empty,PrestaShopLogger::addLog return error,This will likely lead to the failure of the background management login.




Property PrestaShopLogger->message is empty
at line 909 in file classes/ObjectModel.php

904. }
906. $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field);
907. if ($message !== true) {
908. if ($die) {
909. throw new PrestaShopException($message);
910. }
911. return $error_return ? $message : false;
912. }
913. }

now,fixed the bug for Translate.php,line 72

if (isset($_LANGADM[$class.$key])) to

if (isset($_LANGADM[$class.$key]) && !empty($_LANGADM[$class.$key]))


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