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Cart rule bug


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The problem concerns the cart rule applied to a selection of products. Here is an example :


The product A in the category A cost 19€ with tax (18.01 without tax) with a tax rate of 5.5%


The product B in the category B cost 75€ with tax (62.50 without tax) with a tax rate of 20%


There is a cart rule that applies a 20% discount only for the products of the category A 


In the cart on the frontend I add 1 product A and 1 product B. The discount amount is 3.60€ without tax, but 4.21€ with tax


The tax amount of the cart rule should be calculated related to the products concerned by this cart rule. So the tax rate should be 5.5%, so the tax amount should be 3.80 with tax instead of 4.21


Between 3.5 without tax and 4.21 with tax, there is a tax rate around 17%/ This tax rate is calculated based on all the products in the cart instead of the products concerned by the cart rule.


I have tested by setting a tax rate of 5.5% to the product B, and the amount with tax of the cart rule becomes equals to 3.80


How to fix this bug ?


Thank in advance for your responses.



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