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Strange code showing up on Contact Formulary


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I have a bug on my prestashop contact formulary page and i can't find what's creating it...


When i submit a message from my prestashop i have a code that is showing up before the display of my site between <pre> tags :


<pre>array(7) {
  string(7) "contact"
  array(12) {
    string(1) "-"
    string(1) "-"
    string(9) "rfdsfdesz"
    string(20) "[email protected]"
    string(0) ""
    string(54) "cid:[email protected]"...</pre>


I don't have this on any other prestashop site i have running.


Do someone know why this array is showing itself in a pre tags before the display of my site when i submit a mail ?


Thanks in advance.

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