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Changelog in version - stable

- Back Office:

- Bug fix:

- #6975: Fix updating positions when sorting products

- #6977: Fixed security issue on SpecificPrice class

- #6952: Fix recommended modules modal window

- #6962: Fixed translation choice in BO

- #6951: Fixed notice on module translations

- #6940: Fix email translations

- #6937: Return empty array on API error for customer data


- Front Office:

- Bug fix:

- #6991: Fix changing combination when catalog mode is enabled




- #6979: Fix undefined event in core.js


- Core:

- Improvement:

- #6982: Improved performances on Windows/NFS filesytem

- Bug fix:

- #7012: Load autoload earlier

- #6971: Fixed on included files for autoupgrade

- #6989: Fix fatal if payment module return a non array result

- #6973: Created temporary file in cache directory

- #6969: Prevent password reset on user check by email

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how do we upgrade ?
I try and install the 1-click upgrade module and get the following error:


Exception thrown by module autoupgrade on install. Error sent by Addons. You may need to be logged.


That is with debug mode turned on.

I turn debug off and it wont find the module to try and install.

It only shows "5 modules and services selected for you"

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Hej MerseyRay!


First of all, it's Swedish applicable in this forum. So I will answer you in Swedish!


Först av allt så är det Svenska som gäller på detta forum.


Jag rekommenderar dig att inaktivera dina aktiva moduler och stäng av din cache och prova med det.




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