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Save manually translated theme and modules


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Good evening everyone!


New to the presta community, so a big greeting, you've all been proved extremely useful to a full amateur on presta platform and ecommerce projects generally like me. I recently set up my first project from zero to a complete eshop. It was bilingual and the main language was Greek.


So, the theme I used had its own modules installed for almost everything and because they were very nicely designed and with many options, I used them instead of native presta's. In fact it had them preinstalled when I chose the homepage and I start modifying them. I assume that is what happens with every theme in general(?).

Thing is that, when I installed Greek very few front pages and modules were translated, so basically I did it all manually. At least the ones I used in the front end. Now I plan to use the theme for further projects since it let me very satisfied, seeing the final result, but of course I have no intention of endless hours of translations again.

So, the question is how can I backup the translated theme so the next time I install it, it plays in Greek day one? One solution would be to backup the entire project and then for a new project install that instead of the original theme and start modifying it but I would really rather not. I'd like a blank template if possible.


Sorry for the long introduction, looking forward to hearing and thanks in advance!

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