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Site not working after import


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I was making some tests and I accidentally deleted the categories in the database. 

But before doing that, I had made a backup of prestashop.


So when I realised that the site was broken, I imported my backup. 


But Prestashop is not working... 

When I go to categories in the admin, it loops and never displays the page. 

And when I import new cdategories with the import modules, the categories are not displayed in the sitemap on frontend. It looks as if it was empty. 


And finally I have an error message when trying to go to "products" in the admin.


I really do need some help...



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Hello Martin,

Yes i realize I did big mistakes but I thought it would be fixed after restore...

To restore I did as explained in ps admin: I deleted everything and imported my sql backup...

First I got an error message so I redeleted and imported in 2 bits and it worked fine.

But my ps site is not working ok.

I really need some help.

Can you help me?

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