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How to remove default language from URL when i have 2 languages set?


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Hi guys,


I have searched around but couldn't find an answer for this (except the one about removing all langauges but one). 


Our shop was in one language and thus indexed without the /nl/ prefix in the URL. Now we are going internationally so we added English. With the result that all URL's are now with /nl/ or /en/


I don't want to loose our ranking in Google so I want to have the /nl/ removed as that is our default language.. The /en is fine. 


Is that possible?

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I have never seen any free module for this kind of request.


I don't think you will loose your current rankings. After you have changed, you would need to generate a new sitemap in your Prestashop. Then make sure you notify Google by submitting you new sitemap. 

There are plenty paid modules out there if you still want to remove the language from the url, 

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you do not need to actually solve this. Prestashop automatically redirects old urls without language to new one using http 302: Moved response code. Your link will still continue to work, and search engines will soon catch up as well.

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15 hours ago, Soha 8084 said:

what was the end resolution ?

He just told you (2022)

i solved it by overriding the Link and Tools classes 

What is your shop riding on? Theme,Shop version all could be different.


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