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Order not showing after a PayPal payment


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Hello Guys,


This is a problem we have met 4 times this year :


A customer make an order, and pay with paypal ; we check through paypal that the payment has been done, but in the B.O. the order is not created... 


For this is have really no idea on how to check and solve this issue... do you have an idea ?


It happened 4 times on arround 1500 orders..



Edit : the first time it happened on with standard paypal module, and the 3 other times on with paypal integral evolution v3.10.10


i'll will upgrade to next version, but the v3.10.10 is very not old either

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we called our paypal contact and he said there is frequent problem with the prestashop module, he transmitted to the tech team that said the module was done by prestashop and only them could check the problem.


do you have integral evolution or normal paypal ?


we mostly had the problem with integral evolution

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Integral eveolution uses IPN which causes the issue - it relies on PayPal confirmation page and does not automatically return to the Prestshop order confirmation page. Hence the problem!

#]I have raised this many times with 202 ecommerce (the developers) still no progress. This is a big issue and should be fixed!

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what is impressing me is that not a lot people are talking about this issue... actually we have no more clues to solve this by our side.


paypal said us it is to prestashop to solve the issue because it is prestashop that develop the paypal module, they said too that they pretty often check issues with prestashop's paypal module.

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the module is no longer an "official module done by prestashop".  you should do your research.


and my point still remains, it is a free module, maintained by a "certified agency" and is littered with issues, and complaint after complaint from the community.  you get what you pay for here

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On 11/15/2017 at 4:36 AM, bellini13 said:

There are several on the marketplace, have you tried to research your options?

Braintree (now owned by Paypal) is also a good option, since it goes beyond just paypal payments (Credit Card, ApplePay, Pay with Google etc...)

Will the paypal & braintree official which is free work better. 

My issue is when i put my items on sale every other sale does no complete a handshake. But when there is no sale all orders go through.

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Hello, I am using PS and the PayPal Standard v1.3.9 , and I had the same problem as you guys. Talking with people that support me, they said I had to make sure the IPN is "enabled" on my PayPal account, and if not I had to enable it using the IPN URL of my store, which is https://mydomain/modules/paypalusa/validation.php.
I just did that, and I am going to test. I will try this before changing the module... Have you guys had a solution for yours? Have you replaced the PayPal module by this Braintree ?

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