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Multiple (100's) duplicate order all with same time stamp


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My installation of Prestashop has been stable and I've been receiving orders normally. A few months ago I hired a programmer to add the eBay module and configure it so I can upload multiple items for sale on eBay. That was working fine and it was months ago and I've had many orders since.

Three days ago I received notification of an eBay order. Right after that I looked at my Prestashop back office and same the exact same order in Prestashop. The client only ordered from eBay and never even visited my webshop. When I looked later there were 30 duplicates, exact same order, exact same time stamp. Today I have over 180 duplicate orders.

I've looked at my web log and I don't see any incoming traffic that could be causing this.

I called eBay and they said it's not them but they found a report of a bug causing duplicate orders in Prestashop.

My version is All the duplicate orders say "payment accepted" under status even though there was only one Paypal transaction and under Payment is says "ebay paypal 105"

In earlier orders I found one saying "ebay paypal 104" and "ebay paypal 103" but they were all normal, single orders. The only thing they had in common is they were all under 25 euros

Does anyone how what's causing this, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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