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The local settings change alone


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My local settings are changing automatically, without my intervention.

For example:

Language: I use 2 languages, French and English. I check the both boxes in the back office. Everything seems to be alright, I can use my front office with the 2 languages... After some days, my website is available only in French and when I go in the back office, only French is checked...


Country: idem for the country. For example, I allow all the European country and France. Everything works in the front office. I can order if I'm in Belgium, in France, in UK, etc... Some days later, all the countries are disabled (except France)... But I have not changed anything in the back office. It changed automatically...


Why does it happen? Do you have an idea of where does it come from? What can I do?

Thank you very much for your help...


Prestahop: v

PHP: 5.4.45


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