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spinning buttons problem


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I`m upgrading a native (demo) Prestashop since several 1.6.x versions and the spinning button problem still available in all of them. Sincerely when Prestashop is fixing this problem ? I'm on latest now and the problem is from each to each new version worse....

On the "Associations" Tab is  blank page.


Some of my customers are moving to other e-commerce solutions and discarding Prestashop cause of this problem now....


I'm unable to use the back-office of Prestashop for to manage products. Luckily I have a second possibility with Presta Store Manager to manage them....



php 5.6.27

memory 512

max execution and input 300

SQL 5.5.53


ngnix proxied


Prestashop versions -







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Hi there, deleting all of the cashe by FTP manually has fixed a lot of the problems, but the save button issue has been fixed.

Just upgraded from to and still doing it


I think its someone to do with loading info from the DB

PS do not use the DB cleaner, it broke the whole shop last week and I had to reload a back up.....

Ive tried all of the fixes posted online now for 3 weeks, nothing is working.


Server information Windows NT build 9600 (Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition) i586

Server software version Microsoft-IIS/8.5

PHP version 5.6.24

Memory limit 128M

Max execution time 300

MySQL version 5.7.12

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Solved problem by myself. Deleted the complete shop and installed a fresh new Buttons are not spinning anymore. Seems to be a problem on upgraded PS-Versions, with overrides (like pseuadvanced module), although all overrides and foreign modules where set to disable before I upgraded.

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