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Problem moving Javascript to the bottom of the page.


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Hello Everyone, 


I'm optimizing the page of my company in terms of speed and SEO. (using gtmetrix, search console, google speed test, yslow and pingdom).


After doing some changes in the performance and in the code I got good improvements but I'm having troubles when I activate the "Move Javascript to bottom ". The whole site seems to load ok for the exception of menu (megamenu) and slider (revolution slider) modules.


When I check defer parsing js it shows me a file (js cache) around 400kb (this is pretty much to load at the begining of the page call... ) :(  


I understand that those modules need Javascript/Jquery to load but I'd like to know if there's any workaround or if you guys had experienced this issue and how you fixed it. 


Moving javascript to bottom improves around 4/5% of yslow and gtmetrix page speed, general score. The page gets really fast especially in mobile version (really important nowadays). 


Note: Im not using the default prestashop theme, I'm using field_luxy. 


Thanks in advance. 


Kind Regards,



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