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Far too many internal links

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HI, everybody!


I moved my store from a custom solution to Prestashp in february and since then we are working towards improving tho on page seo. Recently I found a problem that might be influencing our position in Google: internal links.


The store has around 10.000 products and 250 categories plus some cms pages and a blog qith nearly 100 posts.


That beeing told, we have more than 13k internal links linking to homepage, and some other category pages have more than 80k links. 


Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this mess? I red that google feels confortable with 150, maybe 200 internal links, but 80k sounds far more than that.


Thank you so much!


Have an amazing weekend!

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You mean you have 80k links for every single category page (each page)? It sounds weird honestly, can you share your site's url?


Hi! Not for every single category page, just for some of them. For the others, I have got „only” around 20k. It is peculiar at least and it is starting to freak me out cause I cannot seem to find any solution for this.


The url is: neakaisa.ro 


*I will not put the link cause I am not sure that the policy is about posting.


Thank you so much for yout patience! :)


Have an awesome day!

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I have a general question about internal linking, I ask my question by one example:

home page---->category (toaster)---->products

In product pages I have linked the anchor texts like " Bosch toaster model XXXX " to Toaster category.

It is my question: is it right strategy. should I use only "Bosch toaster" to link to the category.

I should say I have breadcrumb for internal linking but I need help to have a good strategy to help the categories to be in SERP

please help me

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Hi 20bekhar - did you ever find a fix for these internal link quantities.. I have the same problem, no one can help at all ???  Everyting is linked to everything, each product and menu.. over 1 million internal links on 3000 products..

Hope you can help, this is causing google not to index pages that are good - it must be seeing the site pages as link spam.



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