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Fatal error: 'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context


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фронтэнд не грузится, выдаёт такую ошибку


Fatal error: 'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in .../htdocs/modules/ptsmegamenu/ptsmegamenu.php on line 647
[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/homepages/46/d631575941/htdocs/modules/ptsmegamenu/ptsmegamenu.php:
'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context


в админке дэбаг еще даёт такое

error in line 1595 in .../htdocs/classes/controller/AdminController.php
[2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at .../htdocs/modules/erpillicopresta/config/Licence.php:53)

Unknow error in line 23 in .../htdocs/modules/ptstestimonials/libs/Params.php
[8192] Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; PtsParams has a deprecated constructor

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функция с ошибкой


public function drawCustomMenuItem($category, $level = 0, $last = false, $item, $lang_id) {
        if ($level > $this->_show_level)
        $cateCurrent = $this->getCurrentCategoriesId($lang_id);
        $categoryObject = new Category();
        $html = array();
        $blockHtml = '';
        $id_shop = (int) Context::getContext()->shop->id;
        $id = $category;
        $blockId = sprintf('pts_menu_idcat_%d', $id);
        $staticBlock = $this->getStaticBlockContent($blockId);
        $blockIdRight = sprintf('pts_menu_idcat_%d_right', $id);
        $staticBlockRight = $this->getStaticBlockContent($blockIdRight);
        // --- Static Block ---
        $blockHtml = $staticBlock;
        /* check block right */
        $blockHtmlRight = $staticBlockRight;

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