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PDF invoices doesn't show products and can't see the invoice icon in order screen.


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Hello everyone,


I have problem about invoices. I don't know how this problem occured but i want to solve this and need help. There are 3 of picture and 1.png shows that "Orders" screen. As you see the invoice icons are available on 14th October. But other orders don't have these icons. I even set same status with working order but there is no change...


And 2.png shows that invoice PDF. This file doesn't contain product image or product information. 


Lastly, 3.png demonstrates my invoice settings. I already swich on "Generate invoice"...



So i need your help i will be happy to solve this. Thanks in advance.




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I have seen it many times. It is about corrupted database record(s). Some payment module or patch or something else prematurely terminates the order process. I mean the database doesn't contain all expected values at the result looks like you mentioned.

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