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Selling Mobile Repairs

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I was just wondering whether there is an Addon or theme available to sell repair services on PrestaShop.

What I am trying to achieve is this:

Have categories of the manufactures available such as Apple or Samsung; within these categories have products such as Screen Repairs for certain phone.

Once the user has ordered a repair/bought the services they are issued with a free packaging sticker with instruction as to how to send there phones to us so we can carry out the repairs and send the phone back to them.

Any advice on pre-existing modules/themes would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks and Kind Regards,

Muhammad Waleed ur Rehman

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First to say I have not seen any specific module for what you  need but maybe following could help.

http://addons.prestashop.com/en/2011-m4-pdf-extensions.html (seams powerful enough and you can ask user tuk66 on forum in topic

and maybe also

But if I understood you want to print your address there.


So check if those modules can be of any use to you, check demo of modules if any.


Also think you can try without any module. Create virtual product with service you want to offer and attach file to 

that product. File would contain instructions how to print that sticker with your info. Again hope I understood correctly.

If that free sticker you want physically to sent to customers then it is regular product where you sell service  but send sticker.

Sorry if I am completelly off with my guess :-)


Also for themes you can choose any.

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