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File Manager frozen


Hi Guys I'm not sure how to sort this one out. 

I have a problem with the file manager to add pictures in the product description. 

When I go and press the insert/edit image  and then press the folder to open location it just froze in a white screen 

it seems it doesn't connect to anything

any clues




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Yeah mine is similar, loads the file manager 64% and stalls??


Let me know if you find a solution, Cheers



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I found in admin-XXXXXXX\filemanger\error_log the following repeated errors;


[*Date - *Time *Area]  PHP Warning: mcrypt_decrypt () : The IV parameter must be as long as the blocksize in

 /home1/myuser/public_html/mydomain.com/classes/Rijndael.php on line 68


think this might relate to the problem of my file manger freezing at 64%?


Hope someone can help, I have lots to do on the site and this has me stopped in my tracks for 2 months now.



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GREAT - Finally solved this problem after pulling another all nighter on it.


It appeared that when the file manager doesn't upload some files properly it freezes the file manager.


I ended up locating the files of pictures it had uploaded.


Go to img/cms and delete the last lot of image files or if you have created folders to put various images in go into these and delete any images.


After deleting my images, it loaded up and worked fine, till another image in a folder I created froze it again. Don't know why this happens as they are the same type .jpg files.

Anyway again when this happened I just deleted the last two images and all good again! :)


Hope it works for everyone else that has this frustrating problem.



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