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Select option - background color not changing - V2



Hello all,

I'v been trying to get this right for the past 6 months but still with no - or limited success.


I have a drop down menu at the select carriaer page and the sylling seems to fail so users are unable to read the text when its not in focus. 


Please see screenshot for exampel. No I figured out how to change font font, background color when a user clicks on the drop down. But as soon as they leave it the text and background is black. 


I hope that somebody out there can help me fix this problem. 


Here is whats in my custom.css 

select option {
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.3)!important; 

Result (failing)





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Fixed it myself - just needed to make a post here.




CSS select name changes eveytime shipping info is updated (prices, weights ect), so I needed to use a wildcard to select all ParcelShopId´s:



    color: white!important;
    margin: 8px;
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