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Shoping cart Help - remove shiping,payments ..

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hi, all.

Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see how to setup the eshop for such a way of use:
- no direct payment needed;
-no shiping
-no credit cards
- guest must only point his data (name,adress,phone) after having added to cart some products - and here his order goes to the total list,and total list goes to admin mail. Admin will have to contact the user to sell the item.

That is because in my country it's a bit problematic to use the direct payment.
All i need is a simple shopping cart, people put products on it ,complete some personal info ,press finish..and the order goes direectly to admin mail
Thank you very much:)

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It is not possible in PrestaShop to process an order without a payment method. You could use the bank wire or cheque payment method as the only available payment method, then change the text to make it clear it is the order being confirmed, not the prices being confirmed and that you will get back to them with the prices and payment method.

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