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j'ai fais une image map responsive. Je veux mettre mon code dans le module editeur home.

Le fichier jquery et l'image sont sur mon serveur cependant le respOnsive ne passe pas... sur le site


ps : le responsive marche quand je test dans un navigateur.


fichier jquery :

;(function(a){a.fn.rwdImageMaps=function(){var c=this;var b=function(){c.each(function(){if(typeof(a(this).attr("usemap"))=="undefined"){return}var e=this,d=a(e);a("<img />").load(function(){var g="width",m="height",n=d.attr(g),j=d.attr(m);if(!n||!j){var o=new Image();o.src=d.attr("src");if(!n){n=o.width}if(!j){j=o.height[spam-filter]var f=d.width()/100,k=d.height()/100,i=d.attr("usemap").replace("#",""),l="coords";a('map[name='+i+']').find("area").each(function(){var r=a(this);if(!r.data(l)){r.data(l,r.attr(l))}var q=r.data(l).split(","),p=new Array(q.length);for(var h=0;h<p.length;++h){if(h%2===0){p[h]=parseInt(((q[h]/n)*100)*f)}else{p[h]=parseInt(((q[h]/j)*100)*k)[spam-filter]r.attr(l,p.toString())})}).attr("src",d.attr("src"))})};a(window).resize(B).trigger("resize");return this[spam-filter])(jQuery);
merci pour votre aide



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Voici le code,


;(function($) {
$.fn.rwdImageMaps = function() {
var $img = this;
var rwdImageMap = function() {
$img.each(function() {
if (typeof($(this).attr('usemap')) == 'undefined')
var that = this,
$that = $(that);
// Since WebKit doesn't know the height until after the image has loaded, perform everything in an onload copy
$('<img />').on('load', function() {
var attrW = 'width',
attrH = 'height',
w = $that.attr(attrW),
h = $that.attr(attrH);
if (!w || !h) {
var temp = new Image();
temp.src = $that.attr('src');
if (!w)
w = temp.width;
if (!h)
h = temp.height;
var wPercent = $that.width()/100,
hPercent = $that.height()/100,
map = $that.attr('usemap').replace('#', ''),
c = 'coords';
$('map[name=' + map + ']').find('area').each(function() {
var $this = $(this);
if (!$this.data©)
$this.data(c, $this.attr©);
var coords = $this.data©.split(','),
coordsPercent = new Array(coords.length);
for (var i = 0; i < coordsPercent.length; ++i) {
if (i % 2 === 0)
coordsPercent = parseInt(((coords/w)*100)*wPercent);
coordsPercent = parseInt(((coords/h)*100)*hPercent);
$this.attr(c, coordsPercent.toString());
}).attr('src', $that.attr('src'));
return this;


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