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Bug with wishlist (when having more than one list)


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this is a re-reported issue:



when you have more than one list on your profile, the popup options when clicking the "Add to my wishlist" stops working if switching from/to list/grid of the products list.

can test it at the live demo:



must be an issue with the functionality of switching between grid an list option, the javascript recreating the html content, there must be an event missing related to the wishlist options, because if you refresh the page, in any of the grid or list option, the wishlist options work...


hope there is an update of the wishlist module override on the default-bootstrap theme
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I have exactly the same problem!


In fact, when I change the view from list to grid, a page refresh (F5) will do the job and the popup for the list selection appears.

Not that this is an appropriate solution of course, I mean we cannot put labels for the visitors on the page saying "please refresh..." whenever they change the list view type.


But when switching from grid to list, things are worse. Popup appears broken, half covered and you can't select anything.

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