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email template translation problem

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It wont let me access topic/subject for the email anymore, says there are no email templates for my language but there are, I can change them by uploading to server. After using database cleaner (at start) they were in core, than later for some reason new directory was created in bootstrap theme for the email templates being used and now they can't be edited through admin panel.


Now I can't edit subject/topic of email since via Localization->Translation can only change topic/subject and shows up empty for the email templates that are being used to send email to customers. Please help :)

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Prestashop doesn't change the original files. Every change will be applied to a duplicate mails sub directory in your theme's folder. Normally in case of any change the complete folder should have been duplicated. The folder's content works like an override of the original files.

If this duplication wasn't completed for some reason, you should do this manually to avoid further error messages.

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