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Feedback - Ankle Biters Party Kits store


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Hi all,


This is mine and my brother's new store: http://anklebiterspartykits.com/


Would love any and all feedback - home page, general content, imagery, layout, functionality etc. 


I think there are issues with the site personally, but would love to have some more experienced opinions before I go about making 'improvements' only to find they were wrong. It takes me a while as I'm still learning how to work with Prestashop!






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Hello Ellie,


Congratulations on your new store!


I had a quick look and here some obvious issues:


1. Your store is not mobile responsive

2. On the home page the gap between the main block of images and the featured products section needs to be made smaller

3. The sign in link is hard to see on the blue background

4. when I click on the checkout button I'm taken to an upsell page - it's a great idea but I think this can cause issues as it felt like the check out button was not working as I expected to see a checkout screen not an upsell page - could put people off?

5. I did a google speed test on your site and google reporting 30/100 - Make sure you turn all of prestashop's performance parameters on (from back office -> advanced parameters -> performance)

   Here is a link to the speed test:


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The idea is good. The design is correct but there are some thing you can improve.

First put more text into your home page, and specifiy in wich land you offers your services. Much more better if in the main page are a images with happy kids.

You can improve this with an animation slider as I have on my web.

Update you images with more quality is the second point and much more text in the product descriptions, much more. This content will be about the satisfaction of the clients (the kids).

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