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In one of the updates to PrestaShop they removed multiple addresses per customer and created an add-on module to get that functionality if you wanted it. The client I am working with does not want multiple addresses per customer to cut down on fraudulent orders. We noticed that some users still creating multiple addresses and trying to sneak through fraudulent orders. I found out how they are doing it and am wondering if this has been fixed in a newer release. step to duplicate below


1: either in the checkout process or in my addresses in my account click the update for one of your addresses. 

2: make changes to all the fields.

3: right click and inspect the save button in Chrome.

4: you will see a hidden field called id_address. Delete the value out and submit the form.

5: this allows you to create as many addresses that you want.



Is this intended to work this way? 




Nathan Dahl


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