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This is an unusual post to be making but I recently had an issue with the registration page after updating to basically when you clicked the button to create an account it would go to the right place but before you can enter any information it would redirect you back to the homepage appending #account-creation to the url (homepage.com#account-creation).


I managed to resolve this issue by editing the authentication.js file. I changed a line in there that said 

document.location = "#account-creation" 

and changed it to 

document.location += "#account-creation"

So that the appended text was added to the login url rather than the homepage (homepage.com/login#account-creation). I just wanted to know if there would be an issue with this as it isn't like this by default.


I saw quite a lot of people having a similar issue but the solutions provided for it didn't work to fix the problem.

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