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Hello Everyone,


In excel, i have =ROUNDUP(cell,2) which rounds up the number differently than prestashop, example:


if in the cell i have 0.6108838 will equal to 0.62... where as in prestashop it shows up as 0.61


how can i fix this issue? what do i have to do to roundup the same way that excel does it?





I also came across this:


Excel-like ROUNDUP function:

public static function round_up($value, $places) 
    $mult = pow(10, abs($places)); 
     return $places < 0 ?
    ceil($value / $mult) * $mult :
        ceil($value * $mult) / $mult;

echo round_up(12345.23, 1); // 12345.3
echo round_up(12345.23, 0); // 12346 
echo round_up(12345.23, -1); // 12350 
echo round_up(12345.23, -2); // 12400 
echo round_up(12345.23, -3); // 13000 
echo round_up(12345.23, -4); // 20000



but how can i implemennt this in prestashop ?

Thannk you so much

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In  the Preferences > General tab in the Back Office, could you check the value in the "Number of decimals" field? This should be two, for the behaviour you described.

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