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Buy in different currencies, sell in one


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I have a question regarding currencies. I buy products in Euro and US Dollars and sell only in Swiss Francs. What I need is being able to choose a specific currency when I input my product prices. 

Then when there is a change in exchange rate between Euro and Swiss Francs for example, all the prices of my products that are specified in Euro are updated in the front office.


I didn't find a way to do this in the back office, but does any of you know about a module that could do the trick?


Thanks a lot for reading this and even more if you can give me a solution ;)

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Thanks for your answer. I saw that feature, but if I'm not mistaken, this will only change the sale price of all my products in the currencies that are not the default one.

What I need is when the euro exchange rate goes up or down significantly, adjust the price of all the products that I buy in euro (and only those products). Same for US dollar and products that I buy in US dollar.

From what I read this is not possible actually, but I saw a few modules that allows to change products prices by a percentage for one or more suppliers. That could do the trick for what I need. I will look this way.


Thanks again for your answer.

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