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Customer point of view - Order history

Dušan K.

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this is the name of the module that customer used during checkout.

if you will translate the name of the module - prestashop will start to store new name of the plugin.

Please note that change of the translation will be applicable only for new orders. All orders placed BEFORE the change of the name will have OLD module name. it's because prestashop stores the name in the ps_order table inside "payment" column


so if you want to change it also for old orders you have to manually change the name in the database: ps_order column payment

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Good afternoon kimondo and vekia,

thank you for cooperation - problem is solved :) .


I have one further question: If i would like to translate text "On backorder (paid)" (5th column - in pink block), where should i change it please? I would like also to edit color of the block.


Thank you again for your quick answers

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Good afternoons Duskas,


You can modify it from the BackOffice going in in Orders/Status. In this screen u will be able to change the names of each state in all the languages of your shop and the colour assigned to each state as well as other interesting options. Greetings

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