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Prestashop Webp thumbnails auto generation

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I was reading that PHP 5.5 already has a webp image generator, and the code to do it is as follows:


$imgName = "codingslover.jpg";
$webPName = "codingslover.webp";


cwebp [quality qualitypercentage] [source image] -o [destination]

exec("cwebp -q 0 ".$imgName." -o ".$webPName." ");

Anthor Method:

exec("convert -colorspace RGB ".$imgName." ".$webPName . " ");


Could this be used to auto generate webp thumbnails using the function protected function _regenerateNewImages from AdminImagesController.php aside from the .png or .jpg default ones?


Unfortunately it seems that webp support in prestashop is stagnated :/

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I know it's a quiet old topic but it's really interesting, if you have find any ways to do it, I'd love to know, I'm going to try to implement that myself, let's see what is going on !

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