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Bug upgrading from to


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Hi all this is my first post here, and my first contact with PS. I hope I am not getting this wrong.


I am trying to upgrade a PS to 1.6.lastest. The problem is that in the middle of the process I get an Error 500.


Checking the log I see this:

*ERROR*         2016/09/06 - 16:24:58: PHP error: /* PHP:gridextjs_deprecated(); */

*ERROR*         2016/09/06 - 16:24:58:
*ERROR*         2016/09/06 - 16:25:03: SQL query:
ALTER TABLE `ps_category_product` DROP INDEX `category_product_index`, ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id_category`, `id_product`)
*ERROR*         2016/09/06 - 16:25:03: SQL error:
Can't DROP 'category_product_index'; check that column/key exists

And checking the sql files that run the upgrades of the database, I've found this: TABLE `PREFIX_category_product` ADD INDEX (`id_product`); TABLE `PREFIX_category_product` DROP INDEX `category_product_index`, ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id_category`, `id_product`);

I have checked on the table the only index is the one created at, so the line that DROPs that index breaks


I think that there is a error here, I will fix the file so I can run the updated.





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