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Helper list paging,filtering in AdminAttributesGroups controller


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Hi, i'm using Prestashop,

 i have small problem. When i add too many attribute items to attribute group, and paging appears, it simply does not work, it always redirects me to AttributeGroup list, not Attribute Items list. Please, do you have any suggestion for this? Thanks a lot.

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Hi, i fixed this by adding a short code to 'AdminAttributesGroupsController.php' in /controllers/admin/

    public function setRedirectAfter($url)
        $addUrl = '';
        if(Tools::isSubmit('viewattribute_group') && Tools::getValue('id_attribute_group')) {
            $addUrl = '&viewattribute_group&id_attribute_group=' . Tools::getValue('id_attribute_group');

        $this->redirect_after = $url . $addUrl;

dont know if its correct or buggy for other things but yet it works well

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