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[SOLVED] Currency Block problem Prestashop 1.5.5


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I have a problem with my prestashop store recently. When I access the website form Chrome, I can't change the default currency "lei" to euro or dollar, but it works with Microsoft Edge for example. I didn't change anything about the store or the theme recently, and last time I checked it was working fine (online for 3 years). This is the website www.echipamentengm.ro. I looked on the other posts but I couldn't find something relevant to solve my problem. 


Thanks in advance :)

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Ok, I deleted the cache from Chrome again and now it seems it's working :) .


But I saw other customers having the same problem as I had. I used HotJar software to see recordings of what customers exactly do on the website, and I saw a customer from UK having the same problem, and when I checked on my PC I had it as well.


If I Force Compile, should this solve the problem for old customers? And if Yes how much should I leave it on, because it takes  longer to load the page. I'm not really sure how this feature works. Does it have any effect if I turn it on and the off, or I have to keep it on?


Nonetheless thank you very much for the help.

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What I meant was when I get a problem (or a client for this matter)  with the website because of the cache stored by the browser, what action should I take so that the next time he will visit the website, prestashop will force his browser to recompile the website, deleting old cache who gave the errors , but to do this only once, not every time he visits it so the loading time wouldn't be affected.


And about the Prestashop version, I started planning a new website look and feel, and I will implement the new changes when the official Prestashop 1.7 comes out; hopefully soon :) 

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